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Ensemble Altera is committed to providing musical opportunities to a wide range of audiences regardless of age, ability, physical or mental limitations, or race. In February of 2022, Altera visited East Providence High School in East Providence, RI to perform a special concert of choral music for the students in the Life Skills program. Students with special needs are typically the most overlooked when it comes to "classical" music concerts. Altera was thrilled to be able to provide these students with a unique opportunity to listen to music without feeling judged or restrained. Students were invited to move around, to ask questions, and to vocalize during the performance. The students were left with a new enthusiasm for choral music and were exposed to music they wouldn't have heard otherwise. 



Ensemble Altera is proud to partner with Forefront Living, a continuing care facility in Dallas, Texas, to whom we provide our recordings of choral music as music therapy for residents. Altera's music is used to soothe hospice patients, rehabilitation patients, memory care patients, and the general residents of the facility. Most recently, Forefront used the recordings as part of their "Music and Movement" program at Camp Faith, where participants were asked to move and dance as each song played and answer meaningful questions regarding how it made them feel.  

“I am so moved by the number of people, regardless of age, that Ensemble Altera has touched with their music.”

Jennefer Dixon, Music Therapist, Faith Presbyterian Hospice


“I have been a fan of choral music all my life. As a massage therapist working in hospice care, I’ve seen firsthand the potential for this genre to elevate, move, and soothe our patients. I have used the Choral Music by Ensemble Altera both as an accompaniment to gentle massage, and to provide connection with the human voice for our patients who are dying alone. While preferences are individual, selections with slow tempo, consistent volume, and simple arrangements appear to be the most calming, particularly for people in the later stages of the dying process. The Altera playlist has a number of selections that fit this description. I’m very grateful to have choral music as a tool in our repertoire of comfort care!”


- Cindy Spence, Massage Therapist, Faith Presbyterian Hospice

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